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Wheat is a category of Food Resources in the game Kingdoms and Castles.

Sources of Food[edit | edit source]

Storage of Wheat[edit | edit source]

Building Food Storage
Keep 50 "Food" Food
Hovel 6 "Food" Food
Cottage 15 "Food" Food
Manor 20 "Food" Food
Produce Storage Template:Apples
Market 75 "Food" Food
Baker 18 "Food" Food
Outpost 100 "Food" Food
Dock 630 "Food" Food max
Transport Ship 270 "Food" Food max

Uses of Wheat[edit | edit source]

  • Market workers move wheat from the nearest Granary to the Market
  • Heads of Households take food from the nearest Food storage building to their homes
  • Each Peasant eats one Food per year stored in their home
  • Taverns use 14 "Food" Food per year
  • Bakers use to bake /Bread