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NOTE: Most of the real discussion for this wiki happens in the official K&C discord #wiki-discussion channel - Permanent discord invite link here

NOTE: Make sure you attempt to make pages into sub-headings instead of their own pages. ie: 'Soldiers' should be in the barracks page, 'Festival' goes with town square etc

NOTE: If you aren't sure on the numbers relating to a building, check this spreadsheet.

Start Editing[edit source]

Here is a list of pages / categories / to-do so you can jump right into editing.

High Priority Missing Content / Media[edit source]

  • A good looking FAQ page
  • We need a good way to show radius', maybe using tables to show them because they aren't all square (experienced wiki editors plz)
  • Thorough writeups for Happiness, Food, Farming

List pages[edit source]

These pages are lists of pages missing certain info

Content / Information[edit source]

  • Proofreading of infoboxes (check price / workers / happiness values / title text) see the infobox template page for examples.
  • Happiness information is lacking - note that there is a happiness category for infoboxes.
  • Proofread and confirm information about buildings, the primary source of information here.

Images and Media[edit source]

  • Update and clean screenshots for sloppy / busy images (buildings should be isolated as much as possible)

Actual discussion here[edit source]

Why is it that soldiers take up 90% of my revenue even though i haven't increased the amount nor have i used them very often. I feel losing a huge amount or revenue from taxes just because one guy on a horse and four dudes with swords stand around and take up all of my revenue.