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Gold is one of the Resources in the game Kingdoms and Castles.

Source of Gold[edit | edit source]

Tax[edit | edit source]

A Treasure Room is required before Gold can be collected.

Treasure Rooms enable the creation of "Gold" Gold by taxing the households in the Kingdom at a tax rate of 0 to 3.

Gold is collected from each household each year as long as a Treasure Room is present.

Building Tax Rate 0 Tax Rate 1 Tax Rate 2 Tax Rate 3
Hovel 0 2.5 "Gold" Gold 5 "Gold" Gold 7.5 "Gold" Gold
Cottage 0 5.0 "Gold" Gold 10 "Gold" Gold 15.0 "Gold" Gold
Manor 0 10.0 "Gold" Gold 20 "Gold" Gold 30.0 "Gold" Gold

Trade[edit | edit source]

With the release of version 109 ( "Merchants and Ports" ) it is now possible to earn gold through trade. The player can now build a Dock which can store resources. Every now and then a foreign merchant will visit the dock and the player can sell resources to the merchant. A notification at the top of the screen informs the player when a merchant has arrived at the dock and the player must manually sell the resources to the merchant.

Storage of Gold[edit | edit source]

Each Treasure Room stores 1,000 "Gold" Gold.

Building additional Treasure Rooms adds +1,000 "Gold" Gold storage.

If a Treasure Room is destroyed by a fire, Dragons, or Vikings the stored Gold is also destroyed.

Uses For Gold[edit | edit source]

This resource has a variety of uses including building new structures, paying soldiers to protect your kingdom, and throwing festivals in town square to attract visitors.

Defenses[edit | edit source]

All manned defensive structures (such as archer towers) require gold to begin construction. After construction is complete, any soldiers who occupy them will require routine payment in gold. If you are in a time of peace, you can temporarily close your defenses and relocate the workers to jobs that don't require payment.

Other Structures[edit | edit source]

Gold may also be used as a resource for some other structures, such as the Manor.

Festivals[edit | edit source]

If you have a town square in your kingdom, you can pay 50 gold to host a festival. Festivals attract visitors who may be inclined to join your kingdom and work for you. This is a great way to accelerate your population growth in a time of need.