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Kingdoms and Castles has 12 Achievements.

Image Name Description Requirement
Your-first-hamlet.jpg Your First Hamlet "The humble beginnings of a magnificent kingdom." Build the Keep
Your-first-village.jpg Your First Village "Starting to get the hang of this governing thing." Reach a population of 25 Peasants
Your-first-town.jpg Your First Town "One hundred souls look to you for leadership." Reach a population of 100 Peasants
Your-first-city.jpg Your First City "A thriving city has been created through your fine leadership." Reach a population of 250 Peasants
Humble-kingdom.jpg Humble Kingdom "A kingdom a thousand people strong! How lucky the people are to have you as their king." Reach a population of 1,000 Peasants
Thriving-kingdom.jpg Thriving Kingdom "Your kingdom is strong and has many times overcame hardships that would have

crushed a lesser ruler. Your people respect you greatly."

Reach a population of 1,500 Peasants
Dignified-kingdom.jpg Dignified Kingdom "An immensely strong kingdom that few have achieved before you.

You have truly demonstrated great ruling ability, sire."

Reach a population of 2,000 Peasants
Magnificent-kingdom.jpg Magnificent Kingdom "Singularly the best kingdom that this world has ever seen. You will go down in history as one of the greatest rulers of all time." Reach a population of 3,500 Peasants
Kingdom-of-the-gods.jpg Kingdom of the Gods "You are the living embodiment of divinity for your people. Your leadership has set the standard for countless generations to come. Your name is synonymous with bravery and strength and it will never be forgotten." Reach a population of 5,000 Peasants
Tower-of-babel.jpg Tower of Babel "Built a tower reaching for the heavens." Build a 30 level Wood or Stone Tower
Slayer-of-dragons.jpg Slayer of Dragons "Dragons are no match for your might." Kill a Dragon with Archer Towers or Ballista Towers
Slayer-of-ogres.jpg Slayer of Ogres "Ogres cannot match the strength of your kingdom." Kill an Ogre with an Army, Archer Towers, or Ballista Towers